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Skylark feed is wholesome and nutritional feed, most preferred meal in the Indian poultry market today. The various types of feed manufactured by us are well-balanced to fulfill the different requirements of different birds. Through an unwavering commitment towards quality, excellence, and strategic integration since 1985, Skylark Group has built a diverse portfolio of operations that include grandparent stock, parent stock, hatcheries, broiler contract farming, feed production, poultry processing, large-scale mechanized farming, and equipment fabrication.


Why Choose Us

Skylark Feeds - Best Quality Raw Material

Best Quality Raw Materials

Skylark Poultry Feed - Zero Medication Cost

Zero Medication cost

Skylark Poultry Feed - Higher Profitability

Higher profitability

Healthy & Hygienic Skylark Poultry Feed

Healthy & Hygenic

ISO Certified Poultry Feed

ISO Certified

Our Products

Layer poultry needs good quality and nutritious feeding. Layer poultry is done for egg production. The layers consume food and convert them into eggs…

Layer Feed

Broiler Poultry are commercially done for meat production. The birds are fed in such a way that within a short period they can be converted into meat…

Broiler Feed

With vast experience and knowledge in the poultry industry, We ensure you to get parents feeds of the superior quality. For proper growth and eggs..

Parent Feeds

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