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Skylark Cattle Feed

Skylark Cattle Feed

Being one of the top cattle feed suppliers in India, Skylark Pashu Aahar offers high-performance animal feed solutions and an extensive list of feed products to farmers and livestock owners. Our unique cattle feed is developed after rigorous testing, ensuring that cows and other livestock remain healthy and have good performance. Whether you are looking for the best cattle feed in India, different types of cows, feed suppliers near me, livestock feed stores near me, grain feeders for cattle, or cattle feed stores near me, we have all the options you need.

Our products are tailored towards sustainably producing dairy products like cow milk, and they are designed to optimize the health of your cows. If you are looking for an animal feed store near you or a livestock feed store near me, Skylark Pashu Aahar is the perfect one-stop brand for finding what you need. Our products are rigorously tested and are proven to increase both cow productivity and milk production. With Skylark, you can rest assured that you are feeding your livestock the best ingredients available.


For Maximum Livestock Health and Nutrition, Choose Skylark Cattle Feed!

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Calcium, Phosphorus, Salt, Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Iodine, Chlorine, etc. are available in Skylark Cattle feed which helps in keeping animals healthy and protects them from diseases.

The animal feed should be stored in a dry and cool place. Animal feed should be protected from water and excess moisture. Try to use a Wooden/ Iron pallet for storage, Store animal feed separately. It should never be stored in cement go down or in contact with wall. The feed should never be handled with wet hands. The animal feed should never be store with manure, fertilizer or any chemical as it can be harmful to animals.

The weight gain of animal feed bags during storage depends on the weather. In summer the weight of the bag is less during storage. According to BIS standard cattle feed contains 11% moisture which may reduce during hot weather, which may reduce the weight of the bag. The loss of weight is due to the change of moisture. Hence there is no deficiency in its proteins, fats, or nutrients.

Never, by feeding balanced animal feed, these diseases cannot occur at all. In addition to feed, the dry fodder or other substances we feed to the animal can cause this disease. With this we would like to tell you that we put a mineral mixture in the feed, it cures the diseases caused due to deficiency of mineral elements.

No, the fat content remains intact. There can definitely be a difference in the size of the fat globule. A full amount of fat will be available from the cream separator. Our formulation is designed in a way to increase the volume and fat content of milk.

Whenever we make any sudden change in animal diet, it affects the milk as well. That’s why the diet of the animal should always be changed gradually. After giving a full dose of animal feed continuously for 15 days, the amount of milk will also increase. The milk production capacity depends a lot on seasonal changes, the quality of dry fodder or green fodder, and how long it has been since milking.

Animal feed can be fed to animals along with green fodder, and straw. By gradually increasing the amount of Skylark Cattle feed and reducing the amount of feed already being given, and bringing the cattle completely on Skylark Cattle feed after one week. Cattle feed should be fed 400 grams for every 1 kg of milk for cows and 500 grams for every 1 kg of buffalo in addition to 1 kg feed for Body Maintenance.

No, dry straw only fills the stomach of animals but reduces the production capacity of animals due to a lack of beneficial nutrients, therefore it is very important to feed a balanced grain-cake mixture with dry fodder.

In such a situation, feeding of green fodder should be reduced to 50%. Dry straw should be fed to animals and a doctor should be consulted.

Both are equally nutritious but paddy straw contains oxalate which can be harmful to animals. Feeding paddy straw increases the requirement for calcium in animals. If it is fed after soaking it in water for one hour, then the oxalate gets released in the water, throwing it away and feeding it with Skylark Cattle Feed can give better results.

It is more beneficial to feed a balanced diet like Skylark Cattle Feed. As mentioned earlier, the journey of a balanced diet depends on the quantity of milk given by the cow-buffalo. The ration should be given twice to the animals by dividing the daily ration into two parts. This ration should be given at the time of milking. A balanced diet can be given dry as well wet.

Yes, animals must be fed with salt in their daily ration because salt is found in green feed and straw. By feeding salt, the appetite of animals increases and the digestive power remains fine. This salt is fulfilled by feeding a sufficient amount of Skylark Cattle Feed, there is no need to feed salt separately while feeding a balanced diet.

Never, because by feeding it the newborn calves get diarrhea and there is also a complaint of pneumonia due to which the calves die. As mentioned earlier, newborn calves need only Milk/ Colostrum.

  • Weakness starts coming in animals
  • The appetite of animals decreases and they do not eat full ration.
  • Milk starts decreasing quickly
  • It Reduces Fertility thus resulting in the delay of Animals coming to heat
  • Animals who give more milk consequently result in Milk fever, following which the animals suddenly fall down and then do not get up again
  • Infectious diseases such as foot and mouth diseases, etc. appear quickly

If the heifer’s diet is balanced, she attains a weight of 250-350 kg at the age of 12-14 months and is ready for breeding.

It becomes necessary to give green fodder and grain-cake mixture to the calves of the age of three months.

Calves should be fed only mother’s milk 1/10 percent according to its weight for about 2 months. The calf is usually born weighing 30 to 40 kg, so it needs 3.5 kg of milk daily at 10 percent. After two months his stomach becomes capable of digesting green fodder and grain cake. And she should be started giving green fodder and grain-meal mixture so that she can grow into an adult quickly.

This disease is caused by calcium deficiency, which is called milk fever. The amount of calcium in milk is high, so this disease occurs due to a deficiency of calcium in cows and buffaloes who give more milk and it is not related to actual fever. This disease never occurs by feeding a balanced feed meal mixture because a sufficient amount of calcium is added to this mixture.

Yes, a balanced feed-meal mixture contains some minerals like copper, cobalt zinc, phosphorus, etc. which help in reproduction. These all minerals are found in Skylark Cattle feed formed to constitute a balance diet resulting in increasing the fertility and brings heat on time