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Broiler Feeds

" Promise Of 2 Kg Body weight For 2.9 Kg Feed "

Skylark Broiler Feed is the best broiler feed company in India. It is an ideal mix of high nutrition feed additives for broiler chickens, ensuring healthy growth and maximum meat production. The feed is made with the highest quality ingredients in India, providing the perfect balance of nutrients to feed broilers. Skylark‘s specially designed mix of feed ingredients, such as broiler finisher pellets and prestarter feed, offers the best nutrition to enhance growth and meat production in broilers. It is also one of the best finisher feed for broilers to ensure a healthy tusslefree growth as they attain the desired body weight. Skylark‘s feed offers highquality nutrition for broiler chicken feeding, giving your birds the best starting point in their life cycle.


  • Faster Growth
  • High Profit
  • Better Uniformity
  • Appropriate amount of protein to support fast growth
  • Perfect blend of nutrients broilers need every day
  • A proper calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 2:1 to help keep birds healthy and mobile
  • Antioxidants and probiotics for Better immunity and gut health
Skylark Broiler Feeds

Broiler Feeds


Broiler Pre-Starter (Crumbs)

broiler - starter feed

Broiler Starter (Crumbs)

broiler finisher

Broiler Finisher (Pellets)