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Broiler Feeds

" Promise Of 2 Kg Body weight For 2.9 Kg Feed "

Broiler Poultry are commercially done for meat production. The birds are fed in such a way that within a short period they can be converted into meat. So its quality of feeding is very essential so that you can have a good feed to meat converting ratio. Broilers require more energy and protein as compared to layers so their food has to be enriched with essential nutrients.

  • Faster Growth
  • High Profit
  • Better Uniformity
  • Appropriate amount of protein to support fast growth
  • Perfect blend of nutrients broilers need every day
  • A proper calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 2:1 to help keep birds healthy and mobile
  • Antioxidants and probiotics for Better immunity and gut health
Skylark Broiler Feeds

Broiler Feeds


Broiler Pre-Starter (Crumbs)

broiler - starter feed

Broiler Starter (Crumbs)

broiler finisher

Broiler Finisher (Pellets)