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Anta Feeds

The promise of 2 kg body weight in 3 Kg feed

Anta Broiler Feed, a product offered by India‘s best broiler feed company, is the perfect feed for your broilers. This broiler feed provides the essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to optimally nourish your chickens. Our feed is made of high quality ingredients including feed additives for broiler chickens such as maize, soya, and wheat bran. Anta Broiler Feed can be given to all broiler chickens, in the form of a starter feed for broiler chicks, a grower feed for when they are maturing, and a finisher feed for when you are preparing them for sale. Our feed is the perfect balance of broiler feed ration and a special blend of feed for a broiler pre starter, broiler starter, broiler grower and broiler finisher. Not only is Anta Broiler Feed the best feed for broiler chickens, but it is also the most economical choice.


  • Excellent Cost Product
  • Lowest Cost Production
  • Dry Litter
  • Consistent Quality
  • No Medicine Costs
  • Fast Growth
  • Best Quality Raw Materials
Anta Broiler Feeds

Anta feeds


Pre-Starter (Crumbs)

Anta Feeds - Starter Crumbs

Starter Crumbs

finisher-pellets-anta feeds

Finisher Pellets


Finisher Crumbs