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Feed Production

Poultry feed is a major factor in determining the quality of processed food. Hence, towards our resolute approach of using only the most nutritious and wholesome feed, we expanded our scale of operations to install a fully automatic, computerised auto-batch pellet feed mill in 2003, under the company name of Skylark Feeds Pvt. Ltd.

We used the finest raw ingredients like maize, soya, wheat and corn to produce

Broiler Feed
Layer Feed
Breeder Feed
Grandparent Feed
Concentrate Feed

We operate a number of ultramodern, fully automatic pellet feed plants across India, with combined capacity to produce 1,800 MT of high quality feed per day


Our in-house laboratory screens and tests the nutritional content of raw materials. This lab is equipped with advanced equipment like the NIR food analyser.


Automated processes maintain consistency in feed formulation and palletisation, hence maintaining homogeneity of all ingredients, whereas steam treatment prevents microbial infection.

Grandparent Operations

Well begun is half done. In the poultry industry, the genetic make-up of the breed plays an important role in its eventual profitability. In order to better control the quality of our chicken, we established India’s first ultra-modern, closed environment controlled houses for Grandparent operations in 2002.


World-class farm located at an isolated and highly biosecure location


High pedigree imported chicks used for farming


All the operations continuously monitored by expert professionals and veterinarians

Parent Stock Broiler Operations


The broiler parent stock laying operations form an important business segment for Skylark. Day-old broiler chicks are supplied to independent contract growers and own broiler farms which grow the chicks over 36 days to the correct slaughter weight. Our farms are spread across various locations in North India.

  • One of the largest parent stocks in india
  • Farms located at isolated locations across the country
  • All farms are closed Environment Controlled houses and follow stringent biosecurity measures and ‘ALL In, ALL Out’ principle

Parent Stock Layer Operations

Parent stock forms a crucial link in commercial poultry industry as they are the breeders used to produce the layers or broilers used in the production houses. Skylark Hatcheries initiated PS Layer operations in 2002. Skylark’s integrated facilities comprise standalone hatcheries and units for breeding, growing and laying units.

Closed Environment
Controlled houses for
better hygiene and safety

High-quality Day Old Chicks
packaged and transported after
sexing and vaccination

Hatchery Operations

Caters to both - our internal requirements and external clients through high quality

Broiler parent stock

Commercial broiler chicks

Commercial layer chicks

Our operations bring in the best of both worlds; so while we incorporate a number of best practices and technologies, we have leveraged our manufacturing and fabrication prowess to indigenously manufacture the incubators and hatcher and setter trays as per our requirements. Our hatcheries are spread across various locations in India.


Automated egg grading machines for uniform flocks


Digital incubators maintain optimal temperature, humidity and oxygen levels


Trained and proficient workforce

Broiler Farming

We undertake broiler farming through contract farms and in-house farms.

Contract Farming

In the year 2000, we started contract broiler farming with 20,000 Day Old Chicks. Over the years, we have grown as a trusted partner for the farmer community. Today, we place over 2 million DOCs per month to multiple farms spread across North India.
  • We collaborate with the farmers and provide them end-to-end support, right from the poultry feed, expenses incurred on energy consumption, technical know-how to modern infrastructure.
  • The farmers not only earn a steady income from this collaboration, but are also awarded performance incentives.
  • The birds obtained from the farmers are thoroughly inspected for desired weight and health, and only then they are sold.

Commercial Farming

In 2008, we set up technologically advanced Commercial Broiler Farms in Pilani, Rajasthan to multiply our production capacity of healthy birds.
  • These facilities have Environment Controlled houses with latest technological interventions like nipple drinking and silos-based feeding systems.
  • Industry standard biosecurity measure and hygiene practices followed
  • Minimal human intervention inside the sheds
  • All In All Out principle is also applied for broiler replacements