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Technology at Skylark

At a time when the poultry farming was a largely unorganised and a small-scale industry, Skylark pioneered a number of technologies and innovative processes to enhance the scale and quality of poultry production in India. Even today, technology permeates all major stages of poultry farming at Skylark.

Feed Technologies

We believe that good feed makes good chicken. Hence, we have introduced a number of technological breakthroughs in feed production, packaging and transportation.
Raw Material Testing

Stringent Raw Material Testing

Silo Based Storage

Silo-based Storage

Centralized Control

Centralised Control

Automated Packaging

Automated Packaging

Research & Development at Skylark

Research & Development has been an integral part of Skylark’s growth story. In every step of our journey, we have innovated to overcome challenges.

Research & Development
  • We re-engineer and indigenise scarcely available imported poultry equipment to suit our requirements and local environmental conditions.
  • At our state-of-the-art in-house nutrition lab, we research and analyze feed reports to ascertain the right nutritional content for our feed
  • We device newer ways to process and package chicken so as to enhance its hygiene and quality
  • At our trial farms, we test different breeds and only select the breeds with a genetic make-up that is best suited for Indian climatic conditions