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Layer Feeds

" Less Feed More Eggs "

Skylark layer feed

Skylark Layer Feed is one the best feeds for providing a nutritious diet to layer chickens. With high protein content, low cost, and all the nutrients that layer chickens require to produce healthy eggs, Skylark Layer Feed is an excellent choice for poultry keepers. The feed has all the essential ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of layer chickens, as well as the requirements for growth and egg production. This feed is fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure the birds remain healthy and are able to produce high quality eggs. Skylark Layer Feed can be used for any stage of a layer chickens life from the starter phase, to the grower phase and the layer phase. The pellets are easy to eat and are highly digestible. Skylark Layer Feed is the best food for layer chickens and can be used in layers feeding schedules, grower mash for layers, layer pellets chicken feed, layer poultry feed, pre layer feed, and poultry layer pellets. In summary, theres no better feed for laying hens than Skylark Layer Feed.


  • Ingenious balance of protein, calcium and other vitamins and minerals that encourages top tier egg laying abilities in your flock
  • Prebiotics and probiotics for Immune and digestive health
  • Amino acids for feathering and egg production
  • Added omega 3 for egg nutrition
  • Marigold extract for rich yellow yolks
  • Calcium, manganese and trace minerals for bone and shell strength
  • Vitamins A, D, and E for feathering and egg production
  • Feed efficiency: Less Feed consumption/bird
Skylark Layer Feeds

Layer feeds


Layer Chicks (Crumbs)


Layer Grower (Crumbs)


Layer Developer (Crumbs)

Skylark Layer Phase 1 Crumbs

Layer Phase-1 Crumbs

layer phase-3

Layer Phase-2 Crumbs

layer phase-2

Layer Phase-3 Crumbs